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Ny motortillverkare för V8TC

Howe Racing - McLaren Engine
Howe Racing - McLaren Engine

Performance Automotive Scandinavian reaches and agreement with Howe Racing Enterprises and McLaren Engineering

Ljungbyhed, Sweden – Performance Automotive Scandinavia is proud to announce a new collaborative agreement between Performance Automotive Scandinavian , McLaren Engineering, PBR Distributions and Howe Racing Enterprises.

McLaren Engineering is located in Livonia, Michigan U.S.A., and is a part of the larger Canada based Linamar Corporation. McLaren’s Michigan roots go back to 1969 when legendary New Zealand racer Bruce McLaren started an engine shop in Livonia to support Indy and Can-Am racing. McLaren, Director of Engine Engineering Lee Carducci, stated, ”McLaren Engineering has the advanced capabilities to provided OEMs full-service to develop advanced powertrain solutions jointly. Our continued commitment to motorsports is consistent with the high-level engineering for which we are known. Working with Howe will provide additional outlets for engineering and offer a variety of marketing opportunities.”

Howe Racing Enterprises is a long-established manufacturer of race cars located in Beaverton, Michigan. The agreement has McLaren Engineering producing GM, LS-based spec engines exclusively for Howe for use in various global racing series. Howe Racing Enterprises President Chas Howe commented, ”We started building race cars nearly fifty years ago, and there are not many companies in the racing industry more well known and respected than McLaren.

The exclusive distributor for the Howe/McLaren engines in Scandinavia/Northern Europe will remain Performance Automotive Scandinavian for the V8 Thunder Cars series, established initially as the Camaro Cup. The current Howe/McLaren engine specifications originated in Sweden and Denmark in 2012 with the assistance from GM Racing and former Danish F1 driver Jan Magnussen.

PBR Distributions will be the exclusive distributor for Howe in Australia and New Zealand. Howe continued, ”Peter Robinson and his group in Australia have done a phenomenal job growing the Muscle car class while maintaining the controlled cost concept.”

”The McLaren built engines exactly match the specs and output of the existing engines that we have used successfully in Scandinavia since 2012 and Australia since 2016. The switch to McLaren will allow Performance Automotive Scandinavia and PBR to maintain the cost and consistency of the engines further into the future. The McLaren name is a natural fit, and it is a tremendous honor to pay tribute to a racing legend as part of the package says Anders Conradzon CEO of Performance Automotive Scandinavian.

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Jens Edman 3:a i Danska Camaro Cup 2012-09-05
Richard Edberg premiär körde på Jyllandsringen i JTCC 2012-09-05
Jens Edman 6:e man i Super Pole! 2012-08-25
JTCC Kval + Race 1 2012-08-25
Richard Edberg kör JTCC på Jyllandsringen 2012-08-21
Edman dominerade på STCC Östersund Airport Race 2012-08-13
Jens Edman i Pole 2012-08-11
JTCC på Kinnekulle Ring 2012-08-03
Efter race 2 Mantorp. 3:a i Mästerskapet 2012-07-08
Edman två i första racet på Mantorp Park 2012-07-08
Jens Edman tvåa i ett tufft kval på Mantorp Park 2012-07-07
GÅ TVÅ BETALA FÖR EN!!!! 2012-06-27
Richard Edberg gjorde framsteg. 2012-05-30
Jens Edman Comeback! 2012-05-06
JTCC Premiären avklarad för Edberg 2012-05-06
Mycket lyckat test för Richard Edberg 2012-04-28
Jens Edman körde sista testet inför Premiären på Mantorp Park 2012-04-28
Richard Edbergs första test JTCC Renault Clio Cup 2012-04-24
Första testet för BMS med Jens Edman bakom ratten. 2012-04-21
Kolla in Rock Videon med Mustasch - STCC och Camaro #34 2012-02-26
5:e plats och ett brutet race för BMS Teamet 2012-02-20
BMS Teamet med Nic JÖnsson som förare slutade som 3:a i Race 1 2012-02-19
W.Palm Beach International Raceway 2012-02-18
Sebring USA race 2 2012-02-13
Richard Edberg och Bryntesson Motorsport till JTCC 2012-02-13
Sebring USA Race 1 2012-02-12
Jens Edman gör Comeback hos Bryntesson Motorsport 2012-01-27
Jay Cochran och Niclas "Nic" Jönsson kör G-Oil Camaron i USA 2012-01-25
Jay Cochran och Niclas "Nic" Jönsson delar på G-Oil Camaron i USA 2012-01-25
BMS Engineering tävlar i USA 2012-01-08
God Jul och Gott Nytt År 2011-12-23
G-Oil satsar på Richard Edberg och Volvo Orginal 2011-03-31
Jan Magnussen köper en av BMS Camaro Cup bilar 2011-03-02
Moon Riders på Studiebesök 2011-02-16
BMS Engineering stöder PG Andersson 2011-02-11
Volvo 855 projektet framskrider. 2011-02-07
Brofalk sadlar om. 2011-01-19
Projekt 855 är påbörjat! 2010-11-22
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P-G Andersson är het igen, blir det både rally VM och Camaro Cup 2011? 2010-11-05
Ny hemsida och Webblösning för BMS. 2010-11-03
Skandinavisk kamp i Camaro Cup 2011! 2010-11-01
WRC Super 2000 och Camaro Cup för P-G Andersson. 2010-10-13
Richard Edberg blev serie 2:a i Renault Junior Cup. 2010-10-13

2020-12-20 Bryntesson Motorsport önskar en riktigt God Jul o Gott Nytt År
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namnet YKK på dragkedjan i dina jeans står för Yoshida Kogyo Kabushibibaisha, världens största blixtlåsproducent.

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